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Creating a Cassandra Resource Access Point Application

You'll need to create several Cassandra RAPs, each of them representing Cassandra connection information (host, post, TLS info). You don't need to create one for every Cassandra node, but at least three to be sure that one of the corresponding Cassandra nodes is up when UCS starts. Once connected to one Cassandra node, UCS is able to discover other Cassandra nodes for the local Data Center.

Refer to the Sizing and Hardware Guide for more information on the number of Cassandra nodes to deploy.


  1. Open Genesys Administrator and navigate to Provisioning > Environment > Applications.
  2. In the Tasks panel, click Create New Application.
  3. GWE-GenAdminTaskCreateNewApplication.png
  4. In the Select Application Template panel, click Browse for Template and select the Cassandra Resource Access Point template that you imported earlier. Click OK.
  5. The template is added to the Select Application Template panel. Click Next.
  6. In the Select Metadata file panel, click Browse and select the Cassandra_Resource_Access_Point_910.xml file. Click Open.
  7. The metadata file is added to the Select Metadata file panel. Click Next.
  8. In Specify Application parameters:
    • Enter a name for your application. For instance, UCS_Cassandra_Access_Point.
    • Make sure that State is enabled.
    • Select the Host on which the Access Point will reside.
    • Click Create.
  9. The Results panel opens.
  10. Enable Opens the Application details form after clicking 'Finish' and click Finish. The Cassandra Resource Access Point application form opens and you can start its configuration.


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