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Configuring an HA Pair for non-cluster-enabled Clients

Two of the UCS instances in the cluster can be configured as a primary/backup pair in order to provide Genesys-standard high availability to clients which do not yet support connection to a UCS cluster.

In the configuration environment, the client will have a connection to the primary UCS configured. When this UCS is down the client will reconnect to its backup.


In the Solution Control Interface, one of the UCS appears with status BACKUP but it is active like other UCSs in the cluster. A switchover action changes only the UCS that has the status BACKUP.

Workspace Desktop Edition

WDE can be connected either as described above or to the UCS cluster as described below.

Connecting WDE to a UCS cluster

Workspace Desktop Edition does not support direct connection to the application cluster that was used to create the UCS cluster. Please use this information to connect WDE to a UCS 9.1.x cluster.

Interaction Server

Interaction Server supports connection to many UCS instances, but not the cluster application. Connect Interaction Server to all UCS 9 instances and it will load balance the requests to all of them.

Make sure that your IRD/ORS ESP blocks that send requests to UCS have no application name selected otherwise Interaction Server will always send the requests to the same UCS instance.


HTTP UCS clients

Applications such as ORS (Context Service blocks), Composer and GMS that use HTTP to connect to UCS can use an HTTP load balancer to send requests to UCS nodes.

Other UCS clients

All other UCS clients require an HA primary/backup pair.

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