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Configuring a Cassandra Resource Access Point Application


  1. If your Cassandra Resource Access Point application form is not open in Genesys Administrator, navigate to Provisioning > Environment > Applications. Select the application defined for the Cassandra Resource Access Point and click Edit....
  2. Expand the Server Info pane.
  3. In the Tenant section, click Add and select your tenant—for example, Environment. Click OK.
  4. If your Host is not defined, click the lookup icon to browse to the hostname of your application.
  5. In the Listening Ports section, create the default port by clicking Add. The Port Info dialog opens.
    • Enter the Port. For instance, 9160.
    • Click OK. The default port appears in the list of Listening ports.
  6. Click Add again. The Port Info dialog opens.
    • In the ID field, enter native.
    • Enter the Port. For instance, 9042.
    • Click OK. The native port appears in the list of Listening ports
  7. Ensure the Working Directory and Command Line fields contain "." (period).

  8. GWE-GenAdminBackendConfigCommands.png

  9. Click Save.
  10. The Confirmation dialog for changing the application's port opens. Click Yes.
  11. To configure External Cassandra, select the Options tab.
    • In the [resource] section, make sure type is set to cassandra.
    UCS-cassandra type resource.png

  12. Click Save & Close. If the Confirmation dialog opens, click Yes.


You must execute this procedure and the previous one for each Cassandra node in your cluster.
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