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New in This Release

  • Support for the Swagger API definition. This can be located on <ucsHost:httpPort>/openapi.json. UCS also bundles the Swagger UI on <ucsHost:httpPort>/swagger-ui/index.html.
  • The Context Service API is now available at the base URL /genesys/1/cs/. This value is configurable in the option [http]/cs-base-url. MORE DETAILS
  • Support for UCS RESTful API version 2.
  • Support for interaction export through the Flexible Data Extraction feature. MORE DETAILS
  • Support for the following operating systems (both UCS and GDPS
    • CentOS v7+
    • Oracle Linux 7.x with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) v4
    • Windows 2016

  • Genesys Knowledge Center Content Management Server is supported in release by means of an architecture that includes a high-availability pair of UCSs at release 8.5.3. All UCS clients (except RMI clients) are connected to the UCS 9.1 node or cluster and UCS 9.1 maintains a connection to UCS 8.5, sending it appropriate requests (requests not related to contacts and interactions).
    The new architecture enables support of:
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Standard Responses
    • Screening Rules
    • Categories
    • Field Codes
    • Training Models
    • PII information


  • Support for secure connections between Elasticsearch and Cassandra—MORE DETAILS
  • Support for Cassandra 3.11.3.
  • Support for ASCII folding on sortable fields—UCS 9.1.001.xx now uses ASCII folding on sortable fields. This means that where UCS 8.5 would have sorted the example below (or any sortable fields) like this:
    ...UCS 9.1 will now sort them like this:
    In this case E, é and É are replaced by e in the indexing mechanism.

  • The Elasticsearch index for Cassandra (bundled with wcc-es-index jar) now supports:
    • Authentication on Elasticsearch hosts.
    • HTTPS connection to Elasticsearch hosts.
    Note that only the Cassandra index file wcc-es-index- needs to be updated on all Cassandra nodes—UCS itself does not contain any changes between version and MORE DETAILS
  • Support for Elasticsearch 6.2.
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