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Configuring the Cassandra Cluster for a Single-Data-Center Configuration

  1. For each Cassandra node, ensure that you have completed the Installation procedure.
  2. Create a UCS Cluster Application with the following settings:
  3. [cassandra-keyspace]
    name=<keyspace name>
  4. For each Cassandra node Create a Resource Access Point (RAP) and configure it as follows:
  5. [resource]
  6. Set the host of the RAP to the hostname of the Cassandra node.
  7. Create a default port and set its value to that of the Cassandra Thrift port, usually 9160 (not used by UCS).
  8. Create a "native" port and set its value to that of the Cassandra CQL port, usually 9042.
  9. Connect the UCS Cluster Application to all the Cassandra Resource Access Points.
  10. Connect each UCS node to the UCS cluster application.
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