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Link-tcp Section

For the following configuration options, you must specify if a connection to the CSTA Connector is configured using the link-n-name option. This section's name is specified by the link-n-name option. If redundant links are used, there must be a link-n-name section for each redundant link, a link-1-name for the first link section, and a link-2-name for the second link, and so on. At start-up, T-Server initiates a connection for each link.

To establish a link connection, simply configure the link options (TCP/IP) that are applicable to the connection protocol used in your environment.


  1. If T-Server is not yet connected and one of the link sections is reconfigured, T-Server attempts to reconnect using new link properties at the next scheduled reconnect attempt.
  2. If an active link is reconfigured, then T-Server drops the connection and starts the re-connection procedure using the new link properties. This behavior is due to the specific implementation of link reconfiguration in the T-Server Common Part.


Default Value: Mandatory field. No default value.
Valid Value: Any valid host name or numeric IP address
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the host name or IP address of the CSTA Connector server to which T-Server connects. You must specify a value for this option.


Default Value: 1040
Valid Value: Any valid TCP port address
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the TCP/IP port address of the CSTA Connector server.

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