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Multiple Configured Links

T-Server now supports multiple configured links to different CSTA Connectors. T-Server verifies the link availability and selects the active link by using the link priority defined in the link configuration and uses this link for all computer telephony integration (CTI) communication.

Connection Procedure

On initial start-up, the standalone or primary T-Server opens all configured CTI links. The backup T-Server opens only the CTI links with the highest provisioned priority. After the TCP/IP connection is accepted, T-Server then sends the computer-supported telecommunications applications (CSTA) call associated requests through all opened connections and waits for the the CSTA call associated responses. Each particular link is considered as established when the call associated response is received.

The CSTA Connector always sends the system status event right after the call associated response to T-Server. T-Server uses the system status event to validate whether the established link is operational. Use the normal value in the SystemStatus event argument parameter to set the validation check.

When this link is established, T-Server closes the non-operational links with the same or lower provisioned priority. T-Server makes this link active, if there are no more links waiting in the queue. The following LMS message (log number 35115) is then generated: STANDARD CTI link %s with priority %d is selected. The Link Name parameter corresponds to the CSTA Connector Application name. T-Server continues to use the active link for all CTI communications with CSTA Connector.

The connection time to the configured links is limited by the value specified in the T-Server connect-tout configuration option. If there are no operational links at that time, T-Server re-initiates the connection procedure.

If T-Server selected the link with the non-highest configured priority as an active link and this T-Server is assigned with the backup High-Availability (HA) role, it drops the current link and initiates the connection procedure to CTI links with the highest provisioned priority.

If more than one link is configured with the same priority, T-Server selects the link that is the first to report its System Status as Normal. This configuration allows the selection of the most responsive CSTA Connector for CTI operations.

Link Failure Handling

Upon detection of an active CTI link failure, an EventLinkDisconnected message is sent to all T-Servers clients. If T-Server is running in a High-Availability (HA) pair, the Management Layer switches this T-Server into the backup role. Reconnecting to the configured CTI links is initiated after the link restart timeout.

CTI Link Priority

T-Server supports the priority configuration parameter for each connection to a CSTA Connector. A higher parameter value indicates a higher priority.

  • If a T-Server connection to a CSTA Connector is configured by adding a connection to the Connections tab of a T-Server application, the priority can be configured using the priority parameter in the Application Parameters field of this connection.
  • If T-Server connection to a CSTA Connector is configured using the link-%d-name section, then the priority configuration option in this section is recognized.

Backward Compatibility

T-Server for CSTA Connector configured with a single link is fully backward compatible to earlier versions of T-Server.

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