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Call Recording

Call recording provides the functionality to digitally record calls on a requested connection. CSTA Connector supports the CSTA RecordMessage request that can be invoked on the behalf of the BroadWorks user, which starts recording messages on the requested connection.

T-Server supports the TPrivateService request (service number: 3013) to invoke a CSTA RecordMessage:

  • Upon receiving a CSTA Event Start EventPrivateInfo event, a CallRecordingStarted message (private message id: 3013) is generated.
  • Upon receiving a CSTA Event Stop EventPrivateInfo event, a CallRecordingStopped message (private message id: 3014) message is generated.

Currently, it is impossible to stop recording for BroadSoft BroadWorks. T-Server processes the TPrivateService request (service number: 3014) to stop the recording in progress, however, CSTA Connector returns an Unsupported Operation error.

T-Server reports the current recording status in the Extensions attribute for the EventRegistered and EventAddressInfo events using the Extensions attribute key value-pair, RECORDING_STATE.

See, the Private Services and Events topic for more information regarding the Call Recording Private Services and Events.


  • CSTA Connector for BroadSoft BroadWorks does not support stop operation for Call Recording.
  • CSTA Connector for BroadSoft BroadWorks does not support Query Call Recording functionality on start-up.
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