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Genesys Support for Java

Oracle announced two changes for commercial use of Java that becomes effective in January 2019:

  • A new commercial Oracle JDK license is offered.
  • A new Java versioning is offered.

Genesys general approach

Under OpenJDK licensing, Java remains free of charge for commercial use. Customers are expected to stay current with their Java use, applying security patches and updating to the next Java version once it becomes available. During the active 6-months lifespan of a Java version, its patches will be publicly available. As soon as a new Java version is released, the patches will be published for this new version, and not backported to previous Java releases.

Genesys solution for Cloud Customers

Genesys will assume the responsibilities to update Java to the latest security and feature patch, and no action on the customer side is required.

Genesys solution for On-Premises Customers

Genesys customers are expected to either comply with the OpenJDK approach and apply all latest Java security and feature patches, or purchase a commercial license such as that for Oracle JDK to stay on an older release of Java.

Under the commercial Oracle JDK license, patches are backported to older Java releases for an extended period of up-to 8 years. This enables customers to stay on a given Java feature release – such as Java 8 or 11 – for longer than the regular half-year active lifespan. The Oracle JDK license also includes commercial support and a set of Java deployment tools.

The Java community is committed to provide future Java support, both freely available and commercially available. Coordinated through OpenJDK, the Java security patches will be backported to older Java LTS versions for up-to 4 years and made available through various builds both free of charge or as commercial offering. It is expected that these patches are fully compatible with Oracle JDK patches.

To also accommodate expectations of customers who want to stay on a Java release for a longer duration, we will restrict the Java feature use to the scope available in that Java version by applying respective compiler options. We are planning to apply this for Java 8, and potentially switching to Java 11 once it becomes more widely used. Based on customer feedback, this policy will be adjusted, and eventually we will remove these restrictions once all customers fully switch to the continuous delivery approach of Java.

Genesys will conduct compatibility testing for major Java builds, primarily OpenJDK and Oracle JDK. Depending on demand, testing on additional Java builds could be added.

Genesys will continue monitoring the evolution regarding Java – including policies implemented by other parties – and adjust our approach if needed.

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