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Alarm Monitoring

The Alarm Monitoring console view shows detailed data for all alarms supported by Workbench. You can filter the alarm console to show only critical alarms or some other subset.

The Alarm Monitoring console allows you to see alarms generated in your environment from various sources, including:

  • A supported set of Genesys application alarms from the Genesys Solution Control Server (SCS/SCI)
  • Additional Workbench alarms triggered by specific critical environmental conditions and log events
To view and use this console, you must have a Remote Alarm Monitoring subscription.

The Alarm Monitoring console shows details about the alarms, including the priority, application or host involved, and arrival time of the alarm. It also allows you to clear alarms after they have been addressed. Any alarms present in both the Workbench Dashboard and one of the Genesys Framework interfaces (SCI/GA/GAX) and cleared in either interface will be synchronized and cleared from both interfaces.

Alarm Monitoring Console


You can navigate information in the Alarm Monitoring console in several ways:

  • Hover over the Alarm Text field to see the full text of the event in a bubble. This is useful when the alarm text is truncated in the table view due to column width restrictions.
  • Click on any column header to change the sorting of data in that column.
  • Type text in the box under a column header to filter on specific alarms. For example, you can type “abnormal” in the Alarm Text column header and only alarms with that word in the text will be displayed; all others will be filtered out of the display.
  • Click on the “sandwich” icon on the upper right side of the console to hide and unhide columns in the table.
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