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When you select Cases from the Menu ≡ of the Genesys Care Mobile App, you will see a list of your non-closed cases, including cases opened by other Designated Contacts at your company, and be able to perform other functions.

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Designated Contacts and Case Management

From the Cases screen, Designated Contacts should select '"Personal"' to view cases they have opened or select "'Company'" to view all the non-closed cases for the company. You can select any case to view the case details including the case severity level, case status and case notes. Remember, you must be a Designated Contact to make post case updates and request that a case be closed.

If you have Read-Only access, you can view non-closed cases on the "Company" view, but you cannot post updates or request that a case be closed.

If you are a Genesys partner who is a Designated Contact, the case list view can include all non-closed cases that your company has opened for all the end users your firm represents.

IOScases.png CaseScreen.png

(left) Case List Screen and (right) Case Details Screen

Click to Call

On-Premises Users

You must be a Designated Contact to call Customer Care regarding a case.

To call Genesys Customer Care, tap on the case you want and then select the telephone icon Telephone.png within the case details window for that case. This will direct you to the Contact Us screen, where you can choose your platform and preferred regional Customer Care center.

Cloud Users

If you are a Designated Contact using Business Edition Cloud (PureEngage Cloud) and would like to contact Genesys Customer Care, tap on the case you want and then select the telephone icon Telephone.png within the case details window for that case.

Please remember that if you are a Premier Edition Cloud customer with Care for Cloud, phone support is only available for Critical Cases. You can post case updates or request case closure via the mobile app.

Case Updates

You must be a Designated Contact to post updates to an open case.

To post an update to a case, tap on the Update Case icon UpdateCaseIcon.png next to the telephone in the Case Details window. On the Case Updates screen, type your update in the message text box and then press Send.

CaseScreen.png Updatecase2.png

(left) Case Details Screen and (right) Post Case Update Screen

Using Chat (On-Premises Only)

You must be an On-Premises Designated Contact to use the Chat feature.

What is Chat?

Chat is a feature that gives Designated Contacts an additional option of engagement with the assigned Case Owner regarding the status of their on-premises Support Cases. A Chat session is requested by clicking the Chat Chat icon.PNG icon within any non-closed Case. The Using Chat section explains how to use Chat via the Genesys Care Mobile App only. As a reminder, Chat is for Case facilitation (quick questions or status updates) and not for live troubleshooting.

Please read the Support Processes for On-Premises Licenses for additional tips on Chat via Computer.

Customer Care assigns Case Owners based on product knowledge that is available globally. You may have a Case Owner that is in a different time zone than you. In this instance, live Chat for that Case might not be available during your local business hours and the “Start Chat” button will not be enabled. You will see a message that your Case Owner is not available.

Using Chat

Select and open any non-closed Case. Click the Chat Chat icon.PNG icon to begin.

Chat open case.png

The Start Chat button will show you if the case owner is available for Chat.

In the example below, the Case Owner is "Zenon."

If "Zenon" is available, you can click "Start Chat" to begin the session.

If "Zenon" is not available, you can click "Start Chat" to leave a message. .

Once you have finished chatting, you can end your session by clicking the "End Chat" button above your chat dialogue.

After the Chat Session

After you end the Chat, a transcript of the Chat session will be emailed to you.

Requesting Case Closure

You must be a Designated Contact to close a case.

To request that Customer Care close a case, select the pencil Pencil.pngicon at the top right of the Case Details window for that case and select the appropriate option.

CaseScreen.png Caseclose2.png

(left) Case Details Screen and (right) Request Case Closure Screen

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