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Log File Management Tool User's Guide

Once the all LFMT components have been successfully deployed, users can utilize the sections provided by the LFMT Client to configure and control the solution. To access the LFMT Client, in a web browser, navigate to the GAX application enabled with the LFMT Client plugin.

http://<GAX Host IP>:<GAX Port>/gax

Access to the LFMT Client will be available on both the main page and in the upper toolbar. It will include the following sections:

  • Site Configuration - To associate hosts/applications to specific LFMT Indexer and LFMT Collector pairs.
  • Collection Schedules - To configure and control scheduled log file collections by LFMT Collectors.
  • Force Collection - To run real-time log file collections by LFMT Collectors.
  • Indexing and Scrubbing - To configure and control indexing by LFMT Indexer and scrubbing by LFMT Collector.
  • Log File Packaging - To search, select, and build log files packages from files collected by LFMT Collector.
  • Available Packages - To download, or FTP file packages built using in the Log File Packaging section.
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