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LFMT Storage and Resource Sizing

The following section describes how to size hardware for the LFMT Server Host(s). For information on storage requirements for the LFMT Client Host(s), please refer to the Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) Deployment Guide.

LFMT Storage Requirements

Genesys recommends that the LFMT Indexer and LFMT Collector be installed on the same drive where the host Operating System resides. Minimum recommended storage for this drive is as follows:

  • 60GB for hosts running a Linux Operating System
  • 100GB for hosts running a Windows Operating System

An additional drive is recommended for housing the Central Log Storage (CLS). To calculate CLS storage requirements, download and refer to the Genesys Log File Management Tool Sizing Template.

LFMT Resource Sizing

Use the following table to estimate the Memory and CPU requirements for the LFMT Server Host(s). Average throughput for log generation, or CLS storage requirements can be used as a reference.

Average Throughput CPU-Processor (Xeon-class 2.2 GHz or better) Memory CLS Storage*
Less than 2MB/s One quad-core processor 4GB to 8GB Up to 500GB
Between 2-10MB/s Two quad-core processors 8GB Up to 2.5TB
Between 10-25MB/s Three quad-core processors 16GB Up to 7.5TB
Between 25-50MB/s Four quad-core processors 16GB Up to 15TB
Greater than 50MB/s Please consult with Genesys Customer Care.
Storage is based on calculations for 7 days of log files and includes allowance for the operation of the application.
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