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New in this Release

This section describes the new functionality for each release.

Release 8.5.000.XX

  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX requires the Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX requires a new LFMT database.
    • LFMT database(s) are configured using Database Access Point (DAP) configuration objects.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports Windows 2012.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports TLS connections to Configuration Server.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports a distributed LFMT deployment.
  • LFMT Client requires GAX 8.5.
  • LFMT Client can schedule/force collections for multiple connected LFMT Collectors.
  • LFMT Client can search multiple connected LFMT databases.
  • LFMT Client provides ILIKE operation when filtering on custom indexes.
  • LFMT Client allows setting time zone for scheduled collections.
  • LFMT Client allows for the creation of custom regular expressions.
  • LFMT Client displays to which applications custom regular expressions have been assigned.
  • LFMT Client has new section 'Available Packages' for downloading previously created packages.
  • LFMT Collector and LFMT Indexer are configured as separate applications in Configuration Server.
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