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LFMT Database Sizing

The LFMT Database is largely sized based on two tables.

  • The log_file table holds the names and locations of the log files stored in CLS.
  • The log_file_indexed_token table holds any custom index reference defined by the customer for specific application types.

Database sizing can be calculated using the following metrics:

  • 0.50kB per log file
  • 0.15kB per index

Sample LFMT DB Sizing


  • CLS Total Disk Consumption = 1TB
  • CLS Total Files = 1000000
  • Indexes per file = 50
The above values are the equivalent to 10MB log files compressed at a 10-1 ratio

Sample calculation:

log_file table size = 1000000*.50kB = 500MB
log_file_indexed_token table size = 1000000 * 50 * 0.15kB = 7324MB

Total DB size = 500MB + 7324MB = 7824MB = 7.7GB

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