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Workbench Components

Genesys Care Workbench 8.5.0 includes the following components:

The Workbench Server collects data from multiple sources including Configuration Server, Solution Control Server, and other Genesys applications. It then analyzes the data and sends to the Workbench Client useful information about system and application health and areas pinpointed for potential troubleshooting.

The Workbench Client displays on its dashboards and consoles a variety of health and troubleshooting information that it receives from the Workbench Server. The Workbench Client also offers a Log Analysis console for displaying and analyzing log files for some Genesys products. Genesys customers with Remote Alarm Monitoring subscriptions also have access to an Alarm Console in the Workbench Client.

The Workbench Log Extractor collects certain metrics and log events for display in the Workbench Client dashboards, and transfers related log files for analysis in the Log Analyzer console of the Workbench Client. The Workbench Log Extractor is installed on the same host as the Log File Management Tool.

The Workbench Agent is installed on each server where Genesys applications are running. It collects environmental metrics which it sends to Workbench Server. These metrics help Workbench Server decide when to trigger host-related alarms. In addition, the Workbench Agent can collect operational metrics from Genesys applications. The metrics currently collected include:

  • Host CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • The number of calls and agents in the system (when co-located with a SIP Server)
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