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Heat Map

The Heat Map widget allows you to select applications or hosts from a list of objects defined in your Configuration Server. The resulting heat map gives you a quick view of the overall health of that group of hosts or applications. You can create heat maps for three types of objects:

  • Applications
  • Hosts
  • Solutions

The color of each honeycomb in the resulting heat map indicates the status of that object.

Heap Map Honeycombs

WB Heat Map.png

The color scheme for Application, Host and Solution objects is as follows:

  • If the object status is down : red color
  • If the object status is unknown: grey color
  • If the object status is up, then:
    • if # Critical alarms > 0 then red color
    • if # Major alarms > 0 then orange color
    • if # Minor alarms > 0 then yellow color
    • else green color

To create a heat map widget, select the Create Heat Map button on the upper left of the Dashboard Current tab.

Create Heat Map Button

WB Create Heat Map button.png

Create Heat Map Dialog

WB Create Heat Map.png

In the Create Heat Map dialog:

  1. Select the type of heat map you want to create: Application, Host or Solution. Two columns are displayed, showing the list of objects for the type you selected and a status indicator for each object. You can hover on an object to see its full name, or hover on the status indicator to see the current status of that object (up, down, or unknown).
  2. Select the objects that will be included in this heat map.
  3. Edit the default text in the Title field to customize the heat map name.
  4. Click Create

You can create multiple heat maps. For example, one heat map could show all applications defined in your Configuration Server. A second could show a subset of your applications that you want to monitor together, possibly representing a particular data center or region. A third could show all the hosts in a given data center, etc. This flexibility allows you to create a topology of heat maps that is most useful for your deployment.

To edit a heat map, select Edit from the actions menu and adjust the list of objects by selecting or deselecting from the list. You can also adjust the heat map title. When you are done editing your selection, click Save changes.

Edit Heat Map Dialog

WB Edit Heat Map.png

When you hover over any cell in a heat map, additional information about that object is displayed:

Heat Map -- Hovering over a Cell

WB Heat Map hover.png

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