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Downloading Workbench

You will need a download code before you can download Workbench. To request your company's Download Code, please contact your Genesys Care representative. If you do not have direct contact information for your representative, you may email one of the following aliases:
  • North America: GCNA@genesys.com
  • EMEA: GCEMEA@genesys.com
  • APAC: GCAPAC@genesys.com
  • Latin America: GCLATAM@genesys.com

Follow these steps to download Workbench:

  1. Login to My Support.
  2. Click the Workbench link under the Apps & Tools menu section at the right of the home page.
  3. On the Genesys Care Workbench screen, click Download Workbench.
  4. On the Download Code and Terms and Conditions screen, enter the download code you received from your Genesys Care representative, click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, and click Download.
  5. On the “zip” screen, click Download again.
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