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Once you receive your Remote Alarm Monitoring license key from Customer Care, use these steps to activate your subscription in the Workbench Client:

  1. Log into GAX, and navigate to Configuration Manager.
  2. In the Environment section, select Applications.
  3. In the Applications section, select the Application Options tab.
  4. Enter your Remote Alarm Monitoring license key in the end_user_id field.
  5. In the origin field, enter the site name that will be used to identify your Genesys production environment when alarms are delivered by Workbench to your Mobile App and to the Genesys customer support team. Genesys recommends that you use a naming convention like <node-location_node-name>. For example: EMEA_London-Datacenter.
Since Remote Alarm Monitoring is implemented at the account level, only one license key is required per company.

Refer to Deployment: Workbench Server for Linux Installation or Windows Installation for more details.

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