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Workbench Overview

Genesys Care Workbench is a suite of troubleshooting tools that can help you quickly and easily identify and resolve issues in your Genesys environment. Workbench collects data from multiple sources, analyzes it, and displays aggregate data and important data correlations in its Current and Historical dashboards and in some specialized consoles.

Types of information displayed on the Workbench dashboards include:

  • Configuration Server changes – Workbench monitors Genesys Configuration Server events for all Application objects, and displays recent configuration changes in the environment
  • Alarms – Workbench configures a default set of alarms in Solution Control Server and displays alarms when thresholds are triggered. If you subscribe to Remote Alarm Monitoring, additional alarms might be displayed.
  • Log events – If Log File Management Tool is deployed, Workbench monitors log files from supported Genesys applications and displays important events for troubleshooting
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