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Server Sizing and Resource Utilization

The LFMT Server performance depends on three factors:

  • I/O system performance
  • CPU performance
  • Network capacity

If you want to deploy the LFMT Server in a virtual machine, you should still provision the VM according to the hardware sizing recommendations in this chapter.

Raid 1+0 drivers are highly recommends for storing production log files.

Locate the Log File Server production folders on a dedicated disk volume that is not on the same drive as the Operating System.

Average Throughput CPU-Processor (Xeon-class 2.2 GHz or better) Memory Storage*
Less than 2MB/s One quad-core processor 4GB to 8GB Up to 500GB
Between 2-10MB/s Two quad-core processors 8GB Up to 2.5TB
Between 10-25MB/s Three quad-core processors 16GB Up to 7.5TB
Between 25-50MB/s Four quad-core processors 16GB Up to 15TB
Greater than 50MB/s Please consult with Genesys Customer Care.

To calculate sizing requirements, download and refer to the Genesys Log File Server Sizing Template.

Storage is based on calculations for 7 days of log files and includes allowance for the operation of the application.
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