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Performance Considerations

Consider the following performance enhancements:

Java VM

Memory Heap: Do not limit the memory heap for the Java processes to allow them to function properly.

LFMT Thread Settings

The parameters defined in the options section thread_setting control the number of threads and the queue size the is allocated for the indexing and scrubbing processes.

  • max_threads—Specifies the maximum thread pool size allocated to process concurrent requests. The default is 20. Increase this parameter if you notice that there are threads in queue that are not being dispatched and there are still CPU cycles available. Consult with Genesys before changing this parameter.
  • max_queue—Specifies the number of threads that will be in queue before rescheduling new threads. The default is 40. Consult with Genesys before changing this parameter.

Indexing and Scrubbing

Indexing—Limit the number of indexes to three.

Scrubbing uses I/O and CPU intensively—It is, therefore, recommended to limit the number of scrubbing regular expressions to three or less.

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