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Hardware Sizing Checklist for Customers

  1. Number of sites.
  2. Number and names of Genesys applications residing at each site.
  3. Number of application servers with logging to a directory enabled.
  4. Number of application servers without logging to a directory enabled.
  5. Volume of logs generated per application per site per day for a duration of one week.
  6. Number of calls generated per day per site for the same week.
  7. Total storage allocated for logging per application and per host.
  8. The log retention period set per application.
  9. Current logging level for each application.
  10. Any constraints that apply to a change in logging levels for each application.
  11. Any governance or legal requirements that apply to logging level.
  12. Known peak times per day and per week.
  13. Any scheduled task or automated process to move logs to a central repository or backup location in your network.
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