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Exporting Interactions

If you want to save some or all of the interaction results, or send them to someone else, you can export them. Exporting interactions from the Interaction Grid creates a ZIP file that contains the following:

  • A CSV file containing a list of the interactions that were exported, including all the information about the interactions that was presented in the Interaction Grid. This file can be opened using a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.
  • A WAV file for each interaction included in the list (optional). The WAV file is a playable audio file of the interaction.

To export one or more interactions from the Interaction Grid:

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of each interaction you want to include in the export file. To select all of the interactions in the grid, select the checkbox in the column title.
  2. In the title of the check box column click the Batch Actions icon 25px, select Export. A dialog box opens and asks if you want to include the audio files with the export.
  3. Select Yes if you want to export the audio along with the CSV file, or No if you only want the CSV file. A dialog box opens and asks if you want to open or save the ZIP file.
  4. Select the desired option. If you select Open, the file opens in the application that is configured to open ZIP files on your computer. If you select Save, a Save As dialog box opens.
  5. If you selected Save, navigate to the folder in which you want to save the file, and then click Save. The file is saved in the selected location.
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