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Installing SIP Endpoint SDK for .NET


  • Check the list of environment prerequisites, and confirm that your system meets these standards prior to installing SIP Endpoint SDK.
You must have administrator authority in order to install SIP Endpoint SDK.


Start of procedure

  1. Run the installation file named setup.exe located in the \SIPEndpointSDK\DotNet\windows\ directory on your product CD. The Genesys Installation Wizard is displayed to guide you through the installation and setup process.
  2. Click Next at the Welcome dialog to display the Genesys License Agreement dialog.
  3. Check the I accept Genesys License Agreement box to accept the conditions of the agreement.
  4. Click Next at the Genesys License Agreement dialog. The Choose Destination Location dialog is displayed, showing the default destination, C:\Program Files\GCTI\SIP Endpoint SDK.
  5. Click Next if you want to accept the default destination folder that is specified. If you prefer to install the SIP Endpoint SDK in a different location than the default directory, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Browse to open the Choose Folder dialog.
    2. Navigate to and select a directory path.
    3. Click OK to return to the Choose Destination Location dialog.
    4. Click Next to accept the destination folder that you have selected.
  6. At the Ready to Install dialog, click Install. The Wizard installs the SIP Endpoint SDK, and all associated files, in the directory you selected. When the installation is finished, the Installation Complete dialog appears.
  7. Click Finish.

End of procedure Next Steps

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