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Section: statserver
Default Value: yes
Valid Values: yes, no
Changes Take Effect: After restart
Modified: 8.5.1. New default value is yes

Specifies whether Stat Server accepts client connections when operating in backup mode.

With this option set to yes, Stat Server notifies the clients about its redundancy mode after a client's registration and after a change in mode. Moreover, when its redundancy mode is changed to backup, Stat Server does not close the communication port and accepts clients' connections and requests.

Configuring High Availability for Stat Server Solutions

High availability (HA) for Stat Server solutions is not achieved in the same manner as high availability is achieved for Stat Server applications (described in Configuring Secure Connections in an HA Environment). However, you can simulate high availability by configuring an identical Stat Server solution that operates on a different host. Understand that in this release, this second solution is completely independent of the first.

Both the SIP Servers from which Stat Server receives TEvents and the clients that Stat Server services must be able to connect to either host. All instances of both clusters (primary and backup) must be running (with auto-restart enabled). And, all Stat Server instances must configure the accept-clients-in-backup-mode option to yes. In this configuration, each Stat Server instance within the solution must specify its backup as one application from the second solution, but this is a solution for backup of solution components—not the solution itself.

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