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Creating a Stat Server Solution

Before you can complete solution configuration, you must first configure the components that will be added to the solution as described in Configuring a Stat Server Application. You can use Genesys Administrator or Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) to create a Stat Server solution.

Using Genesys Administrator

  1. At the Provisioning menu in Genesys Administrator, select Environment and then Solutions.
  2. Click New to create a new Solution object.
  3. The Solutions screen opens and displays the three tabs (Configuration, Options, and Permissions) for you to configure the properties of your new solution.

    On the Configuration tab are three frames: General, Components, Component Definitions.

  4. In each of the three frames on the Configuration tab, define the configuration properties of your solution, as described in Stat Server Solution Properties, and click Save.
  5. On the Options tab, add and configure the following:

No changes are required on the Permissions tab. Refer to Genesys Administrator Extension Help for information on how to use this tool.

Stat Server Solution Properties

On This Tab/Frame Provide the Following Information
  • In the Name field, type a unique name for your Stat Server solution.
  • In the Assigned to Tenant field, choose the one tenant that the Stat Server solution should monitor. The tenant selection of each Stat Server instance must match this value. This field does not appear in single-tenant environments.
  • In the Solution Type field, select Multimedia. Once the solution is saved, you cannot change this value.
  • In the Solution Control Server field, select the appropriate server.
  • In the Version field, select the version. This field becomes uneditable once the solution is saved.
Component Definitions Add all of the application types that the solution will house, and adjust the startup priority of each as needed.
Components Add all Stat Server instances that will service the solution. Each instance represents a node within the cluster. Refer to Configuring the Components of a Stat Server Solution for more information.

Note: Stat Server is supported on both 32- and 64-bit platforms. Stat Server operating in cluster mode, however, is supported on 64-bit platforms only. Starting a Stat Server cluster requires that all component nodes invoke one or more Stat Server executables from the same Stat Server memory model.

Options Specify the appropriate stat-type sections, options, and values to define the statistics that are common to all Stat Server nodes. Refer to the Framework Stat Server User's Guide for a description of configuration options that pertain to statistics.
Security This tab appears after you save, close, and reopen the solution’s properties. It is not used for Stat Server solutions.
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