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Known Issues and Recommendations

Workforce Management Server

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Workforce Management Server. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

WFM miscalculates time-off balances for some part-day time-off types that are set to the same day if they are assigned to a single time-off rule.

ID: WFM-30831 Found In: Fixed In:

WFM now correctly translates the time-off type Vacation as Vacances. Previously, it was incorrectly translated as Congé payé (Paid time-off}.

ID: WFM-29749 Found In: Fixed In:

New Time-off Bidding Period properties are not yet reflected in the Configuration Audit Report. The report will be updated in a future release.

ID: WFM-26113 Found In: Fixed In:

In the Web for Supervisors Calendar view, WFM does not present the warning message indicating that an Exception can be incompatible with Rotating Patterns in the following circumstances:

  1. If the previous day has no Rotation Patterns (or has a Shift that dictates the start and end times).
  2. If the current day (when the Exception is granted) has a granted Rotating Pattern.
  3. If the Exception ends before the Rotating Pattern (for the current day) starts.

In these circumstances the warning does not appear, even if the Exception's end time is after 12 PM (meaning it cannot fit the potential overnight Shift from the previous day).

ID: WFM-25552 Found In: Fixed In:

In the Web for Supervisors Forecast module, when schedule-based multi-site to single-site activity splitting is enabled for the Interaction Volume and the activity site time zone is later than the multi-site activity time zone, then the site activity split will always be zero on the day after the last day of the published schedule for the site.

ID: WFM-25548 Found In: Fixed In:

In the following scenarios, Paid Time Off is incorrectly deducted twice from the Time-Off balance and will be incorrect in the Time Off Management Report:

  • In the CalendarService configuration section, the CalendarOverScheduleData option value is not set to 0.
  • There is no schedule on the date of the time-off.
  • This Time-Off item is scheduled on an overnight shift from the previous day.
ID: WFM-25281 Found In: 8.1.300.24 Fixed In:

When the Forecast is being imported, WFM Server returns an error if more than one type of statistics (for example, IV and AHT) is selected and the date range is not aligned with the Day Start Time (for example, 0:00).

ID: WFM-23570 Found In: Fixed In:

The Agent Adherence report might show an agent as not adherent when the agent is scheduled on a Scheduled State that is not associated with a channel and is actually not adherent to it, but there is a channel Scheduled State within the adherence threshold from the current time, to which the agent is adherent.

ID: WFM-23295 Found In: Fixed In:

When using Report Scheduler, multi-site activities selected in the report Data Page are incorrectly reset during migration to 8.0.x or later versions and must be selected again when migration is complete.

ID: WFM-23005 Found In: Fixed In: 

If the WFM Server Application configuration option AdjustCarryOverByBonus is set to false before upgrading to WFM 8.5.1, the unused balance of endless Time-Off bonuses can sometimes be lost. To work around this issue, re-award bonuses to agents, if applicable.

ID: WFM-22977 Found In: Fixed In:

A known issue exists in configurations in which multiple Time-Off types are assigned to a single Time-Off Rule. The carry-over hours from a previous Time-Off Rule is returned and available for use by every Time-Off type that had hours carried over from a previous Time-Off Rule period. If the Time-Off type had no hours carried over, the hours from other Time-Off types (with their respective, previous Time-Off Rule periods) are not available for use and not displayed when that particular Time-Off type is selected.

This issue occurs only in WFM release 8.5.1.

ID: WFM-22865 Found In: Fixed In:

WFM Server might display a split warning for Interaction Volumes that were not split, if any period contains a day that was changed to Daylight Saving Time (DST) and Business Unit timezone (from which the Multi-Site Activity was split) is different from any one of the Site time zones (to which Activities were split).

ID: WFM-19595 Found In: Fixed In: 

When agents can work overnight, they appear as available for both days. When Day Off Possible rules are applied to available agents, the algorithm looks for the possible day off on that calendar date, so it is possible that the overnight portion might produce different limit values from those for the previous day.

ID: ER# 270572439 Found In: Fixed In: 

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers. Release numbers in the Found In and Fixed In fields refer to the English (US) release of Workforce Management Server unless otherwise noted in the issue description.

This 8.5.x product release supports Language Packs. Use 8.5.x-compatible Language Packs upon their availability.

This release does not support 8.1.x Language Packs.

Language Packs allow installers to select the language, in which the user interface and online Help files are displayed. For details about available Language Packs, including the languages, see the Translation Support page in this release note.

WFM now correctly translates the time-off type Vacation as Vacances. Previously, it was incorrectly translated as Congé payé (Paid time-off}.

ID: WFM-29749 Found In: Fixed In:

The WFM Server Russian Language Pack is now supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

ID: WFM-31185 Found In: Fixed In:


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