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Section: statserver
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately upon notification
Dependencies: auto-backup-interval != 0
Introduced: 8.5.102

Controls whether the statistical aggregates are read from/written into the backup file.

Known Issues and Recommendations

Stat Server

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Stat Server. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

Stat Server is compiled to support MBCS (multi-byte character set), not Unicode. Genesys recommends avoiding the usage of charset specific symbols in configuration object names.

A limitation in the IPv6 loopback interface can cause Java extensions to fail to load properly, because the extensions have failed to register. To work around this issue, disable the IPv6 loopback interface on your host and restart Stat Server.

ID: SS-9446 Found In: 8.5.x Fixed In: 

If Stat Server does not start after you install the latest UNIX upgrade for Linux, use the -Xss2m configuration option in the [jvm-options] section to increase the Thread stack size of the JVM, leaving the value of the option blank.

ID: SS-7639 Found In: 8.5.x Fixed In: 

Under rare unknown circumstances, the sliding time profile may behave similarly to the growing time profile. If you see this behavior, modify the sample length. Genesys recommends that you set the sample length to at least 10 sec (default value), but shorter than the sliding interval length.

ID: SS-9214 Found In: Fixed In: 

Stat Server erroneously stores the current component of the aggregate in the backup file for the following statistical categories:

  • AverageNumberPerRelativeHour
  • AverageTime
  • ElapsedTimePercentage
  • EstimWaitTime
  • LoadBalance
  • MaxNumber
  • MaxTime
  • MinNumber
  • MinTime
  • RelativeNumber
  • RelativeNumberPercentage
  • RelativeTimePercentage
  • TotalAdjustedTime
  • TotalNumberPerSecond
  • TotalTime

Therefore, after restart, Stat Server might provide incorrect values for those statistical categories, as the current aggregate component is not reset at time profile reset points (unlike the historical component of the aggregate).

ID: SS-8517 Found In: Fixed In:

In scenarios where the addp protocol is specified for HA connections, the frequency with which Stat Server checks the connection to the other Stat Server in the HA pair is determined as follows:

  • If the backup Stat Server runs on Windows, the value of the option addp-timeout in the [ha] section determines the polling interval.
  • If the backup Stat Server runs on Linux, the value of the option addp-remote-timeout in the [ha] section determines the polling interval.

To ensure that Stat Server checks the connection with the expected frequency, Genesys recommends that you set both options to the same value.

ID: SS-9564 Found In: Fixed In: 

Stat Server incorrectly calculates statistics for the CurrentAverageTime category with the GroupBy specifier.

ID: SS-8265 Found In: Fixed In:

When running in HA mode, Stat Server might terminate unexpectedly during replication of a sliding or selection statistic, if the backup-file-aggregates-store option is set to false.

ID: SS-8233 Found In: Fixed In:

In rare circumstances, Stat Server might stop responding on a single core Linux machine, while it is loading Java extensions.

ID: SS-8190 Found In: Fixed In:

On Solaris, overload protection is supported only for boxes with the number of cores less than or equal to 16. If the number of cores is 16 (8) then the [overload]/cpu-threshold-high option must be set to at least 80 (40) for overload protection to work.

ID: SS-7911 Found In: Fixed In:

Stat Server incorrectly calculates GroupBy statistics requested with the Selection interval.

ID: SS-7540 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Administrator fails to import the Stat_Server_851.xml file due to the wrong value of the interaction-wait-on-sa-max-number option. It contains INT_MAX instead of 2147483648.

ID: SS-7068 Found In: Fixed In:

Stat Server does not connect to databases in direct mode on Linux and AIX.
For Stat Server running on Linux or AIX use DB Server to connect to your database.

ID: SS-6765 Found In: Fixed In:

There is a race condition in Stat Server, when a data provider is able to connect to Stat Server while it is still loading Java Extensions. As a result, Stat Server might fail to open the data-streams associated with not yet loaded Java Extensions. This race condition can only happen during the reconnect to Configuration Server following a failed attempt to restore a session; it does not happen during the Stat Server startup.

ID: SS-6661 Found In: Fixed In:

The generalization of the CallAbandonedFromRinging action under the new InteractionAbandonedDuringOffering action broke the backward compatibility. The action is generated unconditionally when Stat Server receives EventRejected or EventRevoked TEvents. Backward compatibility can be simulated by using filters to analyze the reason.

ID: SS-6740 Found In: Fixed In:

Stat Server might terminate unexpectedly in the following scenario:

  1. Start Stat Server with tenant TENANT assigned.
  2. Add Mediatype(name=N,DBID=X) to TENANT.
  3. Remove tenant TENANT from Stat Server tenants.
  4. Add tenant TENANT back to Stat Server tenants.
  5. Remove MediaType(name=N,DBID=X) from TENANT.
  6. Add DispositionCode(name=N,DBID=Y) to TENANT.
ID: SS-6739, SS-6582 Found In: Fixed In:

Stat Server might terminate unexpectedly on Solaris and AIX in the following scenarios:

  • Current statistic is opened for the statistical object A by the client C (but not any other clients).
  • Object A is renamed to B.
  • Object B is removed from the configuration.
  • Client C is disconnected from Stat Server.
ID: SS-6521, SS-6520 Found In: Fixed In:

Stat Server might terminate unexpectedly while attempting to bind to an occupied HTTP port.

ID: SS-6232 Found In: Fixed In:

When using direct DB connection mode on Linux/AIX/Solaris and if database is unavailable, Stat Server creates a new dbclient process at each reconnection attempt, until no more processes can be created.
Until this issue is resolved, it is advised not to use direct db connection on Linux/AIX/Solaris, or at least make sure the database is available.

ID: SS-6065 Found In: Fixed In:

During installation on Win 2012-64 servers, the screen for Client Side Port Configuration is sometimes shown twice.

ID: SS-5935 Found In: Fixed In: 

Stat Server fails to send the EventStatInvalid TEvent to clients for statistics that are opened while Stat Server is disconnected from T-Server.

ID: SS-5728 Found In: Fixed In: 

Stat Server does not fully support interaction- and trace-level logging for Multimedia events.

ID: ER# 256117875 Found In: Fixed In: 

Stat Server could receive a corrupt packed TEvent within the Interaction Server event_custom message. When this occurs, Stat Server logs the following message header, followed by a printout of the message content:

Server: WARNING: Interaction Server broken packet (size=) dumped

ID: ER# 259494219 Found In: Fixed In: 

Interaction Server allows agents to log in to a place without any media. When encountered with this scenario, Stat Server cannot write the agent or place NotMonitored status to the Status table causing time gaps in statuses.

ID: ER# 276012191 Found In: Fixed In: 

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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