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Stat Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/10/16 Hot Fix X X X X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Stat Server now correctly associates the tenant's capacity rule with a place/agent at startup, if that place/agent does not have any capacity rule assigned. (SS-6779)

Stat Server no longer resets statistics to zero after re-reading configuration, in case when backup file is enabled, available, contains serialized aggregates, and [statserver]\backup-file-aggregates-store=yes. (SS-6768)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly when a place, which has an agent logged into multimedia, is deleted from the configuration and the EventAgentLogout event arrives after the place is deleted. (SS-6763)

Stat Server no longer removes capacity rule from the agent/place after unrelated configuration changes to this agent/place (for example, adding or removing skills). (SS-6755, SS-7483)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly in the following scenario:

  • VAG TestVAG has script SkillExists("TestSkill") and Origination DN VQTest (VQ).
  • Agent X has the TestSkill skill and enters TestVAG.
  • Agent X logs into media (for example, email).
  • The TestSkill skill is deleted from Agent X (agent leaves the TestVAG).
  • The VQTest VQ is deleted from the configuration.
  • Email is distributed and accepted by Agent X.
  • Agent X marked email done or placed this email in an Interaction Queue.


Fixed backward compatibility issue for the CallAbandonedFromRinging action on virtual queues. Now there is no correlation between the CallAbandonedFromRinging action and the InteractionAbandonedDuringOffering action. (SS-6740)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly in the following (or similar) scenario:

  • Start Stat Server with the TENANT tenant assigned.
  • Add Mediatype(name=N,DBID=X) to the TENANT tenant.
  • Remove the TENANT tenant from Stat Server tenants.
  • Add the TENANT tenant back to Stat Server tenants.
  • Remove MediaType(name=N,DBID=X) from the TENANT tenant.
  • Add DispositionCode(name=N,DBID=Y) to the TENANT tenant.

(SS-6739, SS-6582)

Stat Server now correctly ends all relevant CallConsultReceived actions upon the EventReleased event. (SS-6734)

Stat Server, running on Linux, no longer ignores valid filters at startup after attempting to parse a filter containing a syntax error. (SS-6732)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly after the following multimedia events sequence:

  • EventInvited with visibility_mode = [COACH] (Agent1 was invited for consultation by Agent3)
  • EventPartyAdded with visibility_mode = [COACH] (Agent2 accepted the invitation for the consultation from Agent3)
  • EventRevoked or EventRejected (Agent1 did not accept the invitation for the consultation)
  • EventMediaRemoved or EventLogout (Agent1 logged out)
  • EventPartyRemoved (Agent2 stopped the consultation)


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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