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Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor is part of 9.x starting in

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions
04/05/19 Hot Fix

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor is platform-independent software. You can deploy the installation package on any operating system that Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor supports.

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Updates to Bulk Configuration—A bulk configuration/export tool for the independent configuration mode is now available for installations with Oracle. The tool is included with the deployment/migration scripts.
    For earlier 9.0 releases, a separate installation script is available for an independent configuration mode bulk configuration/export tool. Contact Genesys Support to request this script. (PLT-8169)
  • Updated Dashboard Styling—There are changes to some of the colors and styling used on the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor dashboards. For example, the Genesys logo and the line that displays over the active component in the navigation bar are now red. The animated "loading" icon has been updated as well. (PLT-8154)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

CCAdv application metrics no longer display dashes instead of the actual values for the 30min and Today intervals. Previously, the actual values were displayed in the Enterprise row of the hierarchy and at the queue level (in the Applications pane), but failed to display at the application level in the Hierarchy pane. (CAWU-13261)

Creating custom metrics that are assigned to only one or two time profiles, but not all three, no longer generates errors in the XML Generator log file. Previously, the XML Generator log file included Failed to get entity summaries messages in this scenario. (CAWU-13260)

In WA, a point-in-time metric that is imported from a WFM system is no longer always inactive in the metric chooser within the Metric Graphing window. These metrics are Required Staff, Scheduled Staff Headcount, AdjReq, and AdjSch. (CAWU-13270)

In CCAdv, the graph of a point-in-time custom metric related to the Medium or Long time profile group now displays properly. (CAWU-13271)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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