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Section: callback
Default Value: 1000
Valid Values: Any integer
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Added in
Maximum number of queued callbacks per service, if the option is not overridden in the callback service. Note that this option will not reject scheduled callbacks and applies only to immediate callbacks.

Genesys Mobile Services Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
03/16/17 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Basic Authentication support is extended to Digital Channels API. To enable Basic Authentication for Digital Channels API, follow instructions in the Deployment Guide.
  • GMS now supports multiple targets for Callback.
  • You can now configure a maximum limit for queued callbacks by setting either max_queued_callbacks_per_service in your GMS configuration or _max_queued_callbacks_per_service in your Callback service.
  • A new callback service option _agent_first_via_rp has been added. If you set this option to true, the outbound call for a callback with _userterminated_first_connect_party=AGENT and _agent_preview=false will be placed from a route point instead of from the agent DN.
  • Support for the Phone Number Validation Service.
  • Support ability for Callback bookings to automatically reject premium-rate numbers.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Now, GMS can start with the backup statistic server when this one is in primary mode at startup. (GMS-4640)

The default value of the callback option _retain_session_until_ixn_deleted is now false. (GMS-4572)

Now, callback outbound calls placed from agent DNs are properly completed. Previously, for some switch configurations, the agent disposition dialog was not displayed. (GMS-4567)

Unicode characters are now correctly returned in callback requests. (GMS-4559)

If you are not in a switchover scenario and of the connection to Configuration Server or to a Configuration Server proxy is lost, GMS now maintains the subscriptions to all of its configuration objects (including transaction lists). (GMS-4538)

Callbacks scheduled at the top of an hour are now processed correctly. Previously, if the _desired_time option was set to "2017-03-03T20:00:00.000Z" for example, the callback may not have been processed. (GMS-4532)

When GMS Callback receives a USERORIGINATED inbound call, the Callback application now waits for the interaction.added event before accessing interaction data. Previously, interaction data was accessed when receiving the interaction.present event and the interaction data may have been unavailable due to some timing-related conditions resulting in a script error. (GMS-4478)

Now, callback outbound calls placed from agent DNs are properly completed. Previously, for some switch configurations, a callback outbound call connected to an agent may have failed to complete properly and to get COMPLETED / AGENT_CONNECTED as a final callback status. (GMS-4473, GMS-4464)

Now, GMS can get statistics without waiting too long for Stat Server notifications. (GMS-4058)

Upgrade Notes

If you are upgrading from 8.5.104 or earlier, install release as usual, then update the DFM files to ensure correct callback processing.

If GMS has external Cassandra configured, when you upgrade GMS, you need to import the Callback Template (version 2.33+) from the new GMS installation directory. Start the Service Management UI and upload the <GMS Installation Directory>/service_templates/callback.zip file.

IRD Strategy WaitForTarget should be updated to version 2.4+.

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