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Genesys Mobile Services Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
05/31/16 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

Genesys Mobile Engagement

  • The new gsgadmin_redirect option enables you to handle redirections on login and logout request. (GMS-2433)
  • GMS now supports the configuration of multiple e-mail services in a GMS application.
  • GMS now supports secure connections towards the eServices Chat Server, E-mail Server Java, and Universal Contact Server.
  • GMS now supports dynamic provisioning of the backup servers set for the Chat Server, E-mail Server Java, and Universal Contact Server.
  • Jetty container has been upgraded to version 9.2.10.v20150310.
  • The Genesys Mobile Services Android Sample now supports HTTPS. To activate HTTPS, enable the "Secure Protocol" option and set the right HTTPS port. For demonstration purpose, the application will trust all server certificates.
  • A new Service Management UI is now available.


  • The Variable Callback Slots feature is now supported for scheduled callbacks and can be configured in the Service Management UI.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:


The _plugin_on_dial_associate_ixn option is now correctly evaluated when the parse-start-params option is set to false in Orchestration Server. Previously, Callback did not associate the interaction with the plugin session if the parse-start-params option was set to false in Orchestration Server. (GMS-3115)

The following User Data Keys are now attached to all callback related interactions (including virtual interactions waiting in queue) to differentiate normal and callback calls. (GMS-3436)

  • _CB_T_CALLBACK_ACCEPTED—The UTC timestamp when the callback offer was accepted.
  • _CB_T_CUSTOMER_CONNECTED—The UTC timestamp when the customer was reconnected to the contact center and started waiting for an agent to be connected.
  • _CB_T_SERVICE_START—The UTC timestamp when the callback started.
  • _CB_SERVICE_ID—The ID of the callback service request. Depending on the scenario, the value equals the ID of the GMS service instance or ID of the ORS session.

This release includes a modification of the DFM methods. To apply this modification, if Orchestration Server points to static DFM files, you must update the callback DFM file (callback.jsp) that you can download in the Service Management UI. (GMS-3178)

Values for _CB_T_SERVICE_START and _CB_T_CALLBACK_ACCEPTED are no longer rounded or truncated when using ORS 8.1.400.44 or higher. (GMS-3500)

Context Services

You can now perform a full export of the Context Services conversations, even if some conversations include more than 10,000 events. (GMS-3306)

The Journey Timeline Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition is now able to connect and load data for customer journey timelines. (GMS-3123)

Genesys Mobile Services

GMS can now fetch the Chat Server session transcripts, even in High Availability scenarios. (GMS-3303)

GMS now properly reconnects to the Solution Control Server if the connection is lost. Additionally, GMS now allows a normal startup and initialization if GMS cannot connect to the Solution Control Server. In this case, the Digital channels APIs are unavailable till the connection to the Solution Control Server is restored. (GMS-3461)

If the custom notice for notifying agent has been sent and if the chat client application is not connected, GMS no longer sends empty chat transcripts in push notifications to the chat client application. (GMS-3396)

Using an external Cassandra database no longer prevents the Admin UI from displaying nodes' status on the Monitor tab. (GMS-3223)

Now the _ixn_redirect_hints option is correctly evaluated when the parse-start-params option is set to false. Previously, in that scenario, the ixn_redirect_hints option was ignored due to parsing errors. (GMS-3105)

If the Typing Preview feature is enabled, GMS now uses the NoticeText.Text field to deliver the preview message content to Chat Server. Previously, the preview message was sent as a MessageText.Text field. (GMS-3178)

The DOSFilter and CrossOriginFilter are now set in <GMS_HOME>/etc/webdefault.xml file (GMS-3295)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

The following table lists the languages supported by this release.

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