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Genesys Knowledge Center Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
11/09/16 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features or functionality:

  • The knowledge base now supports regional versions of the same language, for example, US English and Canadian English.
  • Usability improvements for agents and customers:
    • Spell checking.
    • Ability to disable commenting and ratings for customers.
    • Indication of new and updated content.
  • Sample UI and Widgets: a new More Like This widget.
  • Search algorithm improvements for special terms.
  • Support for additional custom field types:
    • Boolean and enumerated fields.
  • Numerous security improvements.

Resolved Issues

The "media" parameter now can set different mediatypes separated by a comma (,). For instance: media=chat,selfservice. (GK-3738)

Upgrade Notes

For version 8.5.300.12, you must install the Freeling 3.1 tool suite separately. If the library is missing, you will see an error message similar to this in the logs:

Couldn't initialize GKS node com.genesys.knowledge.api.exceptions.KnowledgeServerInitializationErrorException: Wrong freeling data directory <current path to freeling directory from gks.yml>

  • To deploy Genesys Knowledge Center on Linux, please contact Genesys Customer Care to help guide you through the NLP library installation procedure.
  • To deploy Genesys Knowledge Center on Windows, follow these steps:
  1. Open http://devel.cpl.upc.edu/freeling/downloads?order=time&desc=1 in your browser
  2. Download the latest version of the Freeling 3.1
  3. Unpack content of the downloaded archive into <Genesys Knowledge Center Installation Path>/linguatools/freeling
    Please ensure that the bin, data and java folders are set as sub-folders of the freeling folder (in other words, that there is no other folder in the path between them).
  4. Copy file "freeling_javaAPI.dll" from <Genesys Knowledge Center Installation Path>/linguatools/freeling/java to <Genesys Knowledge Center Installation Path>/linguatools/freeling/bin
  5. Locate splitter.dat files (for example, <Genesys Knowledge Center Installation Path>/linguatools/freeling/data/en/splitter.dat) in language specific folders and replace AllowBetweenMarkers = 0 with AllowBetweenMarkers = 1
    The Value of AllowBetweenMarkers needs to be changed prior to the Genesys Knowledge Center Server start.
    Also, you must change the value in all language settings for the languages that will be used in the knowledge bases.
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