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Genesys Interactive Insights Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
01/24/18 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support is added for reporting on Genesys Predictive Routing. This includes:
    • 5 new reports (Predictive Routing AB Testing Report, Predictive Routing Agent Occupancy Report, Predictive Routing Detail Report, Predictive Routing Operational Report, Predictive Routing Queue Statistics Report)
    • 1 new workspace/dashboard (PR Performance)
    • More than 7 new dimensions (including Predictor, Predictor Switch, Model, Status, Mode, Result, Customer Data Found)
    • More than 12 new measures (including First Contact Resolution Result, Avg Agent Score, Agent Score, Global Score, Median Score, Max Score, Min Score, Agent Rank, Target Pool Size, Predictive Routing Message, % Error, and Turnaround Time)
    For more information, see the Supplement page in the Genesys Interactive Insights Universe Guide.
  • Support for the following (see the respective sections on the Supported Operating Environment: Genesys Interactive Insights page for more detailed information):
    • MS SQL Server 2016
    • Windows 10 (for BI 4.2 client tools)
    • Apache Tomcat 8.5 (for BI 4.2 server)
  • Support for SAP BI 4.2 Service/Support Pack 4 ( and Windows Server 2016

Resolved Issues

This release contains no resolved issues.

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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