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CX Contact Release Notes

CX Contact is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/12/19 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Users can now select to view the Label column in the Create/Edit contact list preview screen. (CLOUDCON-8925)
  • When configuring a filtering rule, users can now select an ascending or descending order using a slider widget instead of a drop-down list. (CLOUDCON-8880)
  • Users can now configure the Caller ID Set modal window using a slider widget instead of a checkbox. (CLOUDCON-8879)
  • When a Selection rule is selected in the List Rules table, the right side of the view now includes field names. Previously, the view only included Other values. (CLOUDCON-8805)
  • Importing Contact Lists with Splitting rules now takes less time. The process was optimized in the List Builder. (CLOUDCON-8802)
  • You can now download and export a Selection Rules as a .JSON file. (CLOUDCON-8786)
  • A new Non-Geographic option has been added to the drop-down list for the Device Mask field option while creating/editing advanced selection rules. (CLOUDCON-8775)
  • Device Escalation check boxes for Answer Machine Delivery have been replaced with drop/connect switches. (CLOUDCON-8749)
  • The Advanced button in the Delivery Option section of the Treatment tab has been replaced with a more prominent button. (CLOUDCON-8738)
  • The CX Contact Analytics PDF Export document option now includes additional details. The PDF now includes a Report title, Dashboard name, Index name, and the report's time frame. (CLOUDCON-8709)
  • User-defined Other1-OtherN fields of type string can be added to the CX Contact Analytics Device Import Detail Records Dashboard. (CLOUDCON-8657)
  • CX Contact now checks for Non-Geographical numbers during the pre-loading phase of a campaign group. (CLOUDCON-8622)
  • A Non-Geographical numbers filter option was added to the Dialing Profile filter options. (CLOUDCON-8621)
  • CX Contact now supports a Caller ID set (with multiple Caller List IDs (CLI) instead of a single CLI assigned to the Campaign Group. (CLOUDCON-8546)
  • When configuring a Dialing Profile you can now select a Caller ID set (includes multiple CLI), instead of the single CLI assigned to the Campaign Group level. (CLOUDCON-8545)
  • Selection Rules can now identify the validity of devices. (CLOUDCON-8524)
  • CX Contact Analytics SMS/EMail Records Dashboard now supports storing the final state of the SMS Aggregator in the providerReceipt field. This field enables users to review the final SMS delivery state as it was received from the SMS Aggregator. (CLOUDCON-8509)
  • For auditing purposes an invalid device can now be imported into a Target Contact list. As a result, records are not rejected during the import process. (CLOUDCON-8441)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The Duplicate options in the Dialing profile, Campaign Group, Campaign Template filter options have been renamed to Duplicate device in... instead of only Duplicate. For example, Duplicate Position is now Duplicate device in Position, Duplicate List is now Duplicated device in List, and Duplicate Contact is now Duplicated device in Contact. (CLOUDCON-8840)

CX Contact no longer fails to delete a file after List Automation is downloaded. (CLOUDCON-8809)

Australian mobile numbers +614 and +615 are now dialed. Previously, these numbers were not dialed due to an invalid Exchange flag. (CLOUDCON-8799)

When manually importing a Contact list, the preview is no longer empty. (CLOUDCON-8798)

Columns in the Import Activity table are now sorted correctly. Previously, the sorting option did not work as expected. (CLOUDCON-8796)

When uploading a large list using splitting the process no longer times out. (CLOUDCON-8766)

The Toll Free filter option in the Dialing Profile, Campaign Group and Campaign Template pages has been replaced with the Non-Geographic option. (CLOUDCON-8753)

Additional security enhancements and updates have been included. (CLOUDCON-8702)

The Help widget now includes documentation about the Analytics tab. (CLOUDCON-8680)

The Outbound Analytics PDF can now be exported, as expected. Previously, the PDF was not downloaded. (CLOUDCON-8649)

A new message was added to the Export all dashboards option when there are no saved dashboards. Previously, there was no indication that 0 dashboards were saved. (CLOUDCON-8648)

Elasticsearch fields are now assigned with the correct field types. Previously, some Elasticsearch field types were assigned a long type instead of the date type. (CLOUDCON-8577)

When working with the Audit table in Outbound Analytics, you can now search for a partial match instead of only uppercase-sensitive matches. (CLOUDCON-8462)

When working with Outbound Analytics you can now show/hide the Fields section. (CLOUDCON-8427)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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