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T-Server Common Part 8.5.x Release Note

This Release Note applies to all 8.5.x releases of T-Server Common Part. Links in the Available Releases section enable you to access information regarding a specific release.

For information about 8.1.x releases of T-Server Common Part, see the 8.1 Release Note (Cumulative).

Available Releases

[+] Note about release order

Release 8.5.0:

Release Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows 06/13/23 Hot Fix X X 03/21/23 Hot Fix X X 01/31/23 General X X 03/03/22 Hot Fix X X 12/14/21 Hot Fix X X 08/23/21 Hot Fix X X 05/27/21 Hot Fix X X 04/23/21 Hot Fix X X 04/10/21 Hot Fix X X 02/01/21 Hot Fix X X 11/17/20 Hot Fix X X 08/04/20 Hot Fix X X 05/20/20 Hot Fix X X 03/05/20 Hot Fix X X 02/19/20 Hot Fix X X 12/19/19 Hot Fix X X 12/10/19 General X X X 04/02/19 Update X X 02/14/19 Update X X 12/20/18 Update X X

This Release Note lists the supported operating systems for each release at a high level. For more detailed information about the supported versions for each operating system, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

Discontinued Support

[+] Note about discontinued items

There are no discontinued items for this product.

Known Issues

You can find a cumulative list of the Known Issues and Recommendations for all 8.5.x releases of T-Server Common Part, including the issues that are specific to Localized (International) releases, at the following links:

Related Resources

For additional information about T-Server Common Part, see the following documentation:

  • The documentation related to this software is available from the T-Servers page.
  • The T-Server Deployment Guide provides details about installing and configuring your type of T-Server.

Release Notes for other Genesys components are available here.

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