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Agent 101


Just getting started with Pure Engage Cloud? Let's begin with what most agents do daily. Feel free to work through the First 10, try some of the Most popular tasks, or browse Learning by app to find specific tasks you want to learn.

If you're looking for more information for agents working in Pure Engage Cloud, see the Agent's Guide.

Get started Most popular Agent Desktop Workforce Management

First 10


Learn these ten tasks to get you up to speed.

  1. Get started (log in, change status, handle a call) (+video)
  2. Take calls (+video)
  3. Ask for help from another team member (+video)
  4. Use standard responses (+video)
  5. Deal with customer emails (+video)
  6. Chat with a customer (+video)
  7. Work on an outbound campaign
  8. Handle a Facebook interaction (+video)
  9. Manage your schedule
  10. Find your contacts (+video)

Most popular

Thumbs up grn.jpg

Agents use these topics most often.

  1. Take calls (+video)
  2. Ask for help from another team member (+video)
  3. Manage your schedule
  4. Use standard responses (+video)
  5. Trade shifts
  6. Bid for schedules
  7. Tour Agent Desktop (+video)
  8. Find your contacts (+video)

Learning by app

Here's a more complete list of learning topics to get you started, organized by application.

Agent Desktop


You do most of your work—interacting with customers and communicating with fellow team members—in the Agent Desktop application.

Workforce Management


You manage your schedule, request days off, and trade shifts within the Workforce Management application.

Contact us

If you have questions about any of the tasks, or would like to see additional tasks, send an email to Technical Publications Administrator.

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