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Team Comparison

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The Team Comparison report is a bar graph that compares performance between teams and against the average value of all teams represented. The numbers in the table and graph represent an interaction count.

Common Usages

  • Analyze the report data to optimize team and operations management.
  • Provide clear visual reports for training assessment and feedback.

Customizing the Report

General Settings

  • Version - Available in Full Report (standard size), Mini, Wide, X-Axis Only, and Y-Axis Only versions.

Items on Report

  • Teams - Select specific work groups to be analyzed and displayed in your report. The default value ("Any") includes all work groups. You must also make the appropriate selections for the work group or Agent, Language, and Program filters in the Data Set Filters. If you select individual agents instead of work groups, you must select the team that contains the agents you selected, otherwise results will not be returned.
  • Compare - Select the data type you want to compare.
  • Categories - Select specific interaction categories to limit the data set analyzed for your report.

For additional information, see Report Parameters.


Click a bar in the graph to open a list of interactions included in the item.

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