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Open and Edit a Completed Evaluation Session

A completed evaluation session provides an overview of the agent's productivity in relation to a specific business goal. After an evaluation session is completed users assigned to the evaluation session can change the questions answers. Once this change is saved the evaluation session score is automatically updated.

Open and edit a completed evaluation session

  1. Click Quality > Evaluation Sessions. The Evaluation Sessions grid appears.
  2. Click the name of the completed evaluation session you want to review. The completed evaluation opens with the following options:
    • Form List: View the different evaluation session forms and the given answers.
    • Show Score: View the evaluation session score. The score appears next to the Form list and within the exported Excel worksheet. The score is automatically updated if a change is made to one or more answers.
    • Save: Select one of the following options:
      • Save: Save your work so you can continue at a later time.
      • Export to CSV: Create a .csv file that contains evaluation session details in an Excel worksheet. Since the evaluation session has not been completed, an uncompleted prefix will be added to the exported file.
      • Export to PDF: Create a Adobe PDF file that contains evaluation session details.
         You can select the Export option even if the evaluation session has not been completed. In this case, a uncompleted prefix will be added to the exported file
      • Close: Close the evaluation session without saving your work.
      • Notify agent: Send the agent associated with the evaluation an action item about the specific evaluation. For details about each of these options, refer to Perform an Evaluation Session.
    • External ID: A unique number assigned to the interaction in the SpeechMiner database.
    • Media Player: Play back the interaction associated with the evaluation session. For more information about playing an interaction, refer to Media Player.
    • Session Characteristics: To see when the session was last changed and who changed it, click the arrow in the top right corner of the screen next to the date and time and notice the information associated with Last edited by. 
  3. Edit the session if required. 
  4. Click Save to save your changes.  
 If you do not save your changes when you change an evaluation session's answers, your changes will not affect the session score.
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