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Metadata Frequency

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The Metadata Frequency report is a histogram that shows values for a specific metadata field. The histogram shows how many interactions in the data set are associated with the selected metadata field. The Metadata Frequency report includes:

  • The top of the graph is a summary of the data. It shows how many interactions are associated with each value and the percentage of all the interactions in the data set that had the values. For example, if the metadata field "department" is selected, the report shows how many departments (values) were represented in the data set, and divides the departments into groups based on how many interactions they had.
  • The bottom of the graph provides details for one of the groups in the top level. It lists the values associated with the number of interactions represented by the group and shows the amount.
  • The Wide version of the report includes the most common category associated with the interactions.

Common Usages

  • Classify and quantify interactions according to a metadata field.
  • Utilize the comparative data obtained from the report to identify issues that may require attention.

Customizing the Report

General Settings:

  • Version - Available in Full Report (standard size), Mini, Wide, X-Axis Only, and Y-Axis Only versions.

Items on Report:

  • Metadata Field name - Select the metadata field for which you want to run the report.
The field selected must be within the range selected in the Data Set Filters. If it is not within the range, the report will be empty.
  • Pattern to Include - Enter a series of one or more characters that must be found in the field value in order for it to be included in the report (optional; leave the field blank to include all patterns).
  • Values to Exclude - Enter one or more field values to exclude from the report. If you enter more than one value, separate the multiple values with commas and do not leave a space after the comma (optional; leave the field blank to include all values).
  • Minimum Interaction Count - The minimum number of interactions that must be found for a value, in order for the value to be included in the report.

For additional information, see Report Parameters.


At the top of the graph, click a bar in the graph to drill down to the lower level.

At the bottom of the graph:

  • Click a bar in the graph to search for interactions that have the field value represented by the bar.
  • Click to drill down to a Category Distribution report.
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