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SpeechMiner UI Menu Reference


Enables you to create one or more dashboards. Each dashboard can contain a selection of one or more widgets. The widgets show the various reporting data related to Recording, Quality Management or Speech Analytics. With Speech Analytics, this data provides insights into the content and nature of agent-customer interactions.


Enables you to drill down and examine information about your contact center and agents by searching for specific groups of interactions, The filters available are dependent on whether Speech Analytics is enabled. With Recording and Quality Management the following filters are available:

With Speech Analytics, the following additional filters are available:

From the Media Player and Interaction Transcript (with Speech Analytics), you can drill further down to investigate the potential root causes of the business trends that appear in the resulting interaction list.


Enables you to analyze statistical data about agent-customer interactions according to a specific report (for example, Agent Comparison, Team Comparison and so on). By analyzing a reports, details and status, you can gain intelligence about your organization.

Quality Management

Enables you to monitor agent-customer interactions, to improve agent productivity as well as customer satisfaction. The key features such as Forms Manager and Evaluations Manager can be utilized for evaluating agent productivity, as well as targeted agent training. Quality Management offers insight that has the potential to increase employee productivity, resolve future customer disputes and subsequently enhance customer service.


Provides access to an administrative level SpeechMiner UI functions. You can use Tools to view detailed information about Topics and Phrases in the system.

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