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Forms Manager Grid

The Quality Management - Forms Manager grid contains a list of all the inactive and active forms. From the grid you can quickly see when the form was created, the last time it was modified who created the form and so on.

The Forms Manager grid contains the following information:

  • New Form Newform.png - Used to create a new form.
  • Filter by name Filter-by-name.png - Enables you to search for a specific form according to the form's name.
  • Delete Smicon delete.png - Deletes the selected form(s).
  • 0 Selected - The number of forms selected in the grid.
  • Name - The name of the form.
Hover over the form name to view the description of the specific form.
  • Description - The description added to the Description field about the specific form.
By default, the Description column does not appear in the grid. To add the Description column to the grid, click the icon and select the Description checkbox.
  • Creator - The name of the user who created the form.
  • Created - The date and time the form was created.
  • Modified - The date and time the form was changed.
  • Status - Indicates if the form is active or inactive.
  • Reportedit.png - Use to select the columns that appear in the grid.
To return the grid columns to their default state, click Reset to defaults from the Select Columns list Smicon resetview.png.
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