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Forms Manager

With the Quality Management - Forms Manager you can create and manage forms that enable evaluators to provide feedback about a specific agent. That is, when a form is included in an evaluation, it becomes part of a process that helps you identify how an agent is functioning, and subsequently what the agent needs to do in order to maximize your business goals and customer satisfaction.

Before you create a form consider the following:

  • Each form has a name, optional description and a list of questions.
  • Forms can contain one or more of the following question types:
    • Yes/No
    • Multiple Choice
    • Choose from List
    • Free Form
    • Sliding Scale
  • Questions are created and contained within groups. A group can contain one or more questions.
  • Each question can be defined as mandatory or optional.
  • Multiple Choice, Choose from List, Yes/No and Sliding Scale questions are assigned weights. The given weight is used to calculate cumulative scores and the overall score of the form.
  • Yes/No, Multiple Choice, the minimum Sliding Scale value and Choose from List questions can include Auto-Fail answers.
  • Forms are inactive until you activate them.
  • Only active forms can be attached to an evaluation.
  • Each evaluation can contain one or more forms.
  • A form used in one or more evaluations cannot be deleted.
  • Each active form can be attached to one or more evaluations.
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