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Explore Menu Reference

The following list provides a brief description of each Explore menu item:

  • Search
  • Enables you to search for interactions about a specific business issue by providing the tools to filter through a massive interaction database.

  • Saved Searches
  • Enables you to run the same search numerous times on different dates and times.

  • Interaction Lists
  • Enables you to manually create an interaction list by selecting an interaction(s) from the Interactions Grid.

  • Trending
  • Enables you to monitor term trends to surface changes in term trends and subsequently spot unexpected trends. For instance, Trending enables you to learn about emerging business phenomena, pinpoint important events that may require attention, reveal critical information that you may not be aware about and identify issues before they escalate. This capability is only available with Speech Analytics.

  • Saved Trending Filters
  • Enables you to run the same Trending filter numerous times on different dates and times.

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