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You can use several search options to filter massive quantities of interaction data to find interactions that are most related to the business issue you are investigating.

With Speech Analytics you can search for interactions using terms and phrases that you believe were used in the interaction between the agent and the customer.

The search query that you create can be of varying complexity, ranging from a specific agent to sophisticated criteria that define not only the agent to search for, but also their retrieval conditions (for example, date range, metadata, tags and so on).

Once SpeechMiner UI generates an interaction list based on your search criteria, you can analyze the list using various SpeechMiner UI tools and options. The variety of options enables you to obtain in-depth information about your specific business issue.

Explore enables you to filter and search for interaction data by:

  • Searching: Enables you to create a set of search criteria. You can save search criteria so that it can be run in the future. For example, you could search for interactions handled by Work group A, processed with either Group B or Group C and are assigned to Agent X.
  • Interaction Lists: Enables you to create a collection of one or more interactions about a specific issue.
  • Trending: Enables you to understand possible correlations between terms to create a meaningful search. That is, the Trending view enables you to quickly see how terms are related to each other and the contexts in which they appear. Trending is only available with Speech Analytics.
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