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Drill Down a Report

Depending on the type of report, the report results may be in the form of a graph, a histogram, or a table.

You can drill down to the underlying data on which any graphic component is based (graph bars, lines, or table headers).

When you do this, you will be presented with a new report that is based on the data point you clicked on.

Drill down to the underlying data of a report component

  • Click the component.

Play back an interaction from a drill-down list

  • Under Open, click the icon. The Media Player opens in a new browser window and begins to play back the interaction.

Close the drill-down list and return to the report results

  • If the report was displayed in the Edit Report tab click Back SM back.png at the bottom of the form.
  • If the report was opened in a separate window or tab, use the browser's Bold textack button or press Backspace.

Sort the data in a table

  • Click the heading of the column by which you want to sort the table.
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