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Define Tags

With SpeechMiner you can mark an interaction with a tag to better focus your searches, protect an interaction from deletion and indicate that an interaction was evaluated as part of a Quality Management evaluation session. That is, a tag labels an interaction as a result of a specific action (Cannot Delete or Evaluated) or a user defined category. The Define Tags tool enables you to create and delete interaction tags.

Define a tag

  1. Click Tools > Define Tags.
  2. Click Add a new tag.
  3. Enter the tag name in the field provided and click the check-mark button. The new tag is added to the tags list and will now appear as an option in More > Tag. For additional information, see Playback Controls row #13.
If you decide to delete a tag that is associated with an interaction, the tag will no longer be associated with the specific interaction and it will no longer appear as part of the interaction's details.
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