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The SpeechMiner UI Dashboard displays dashboards that show summary information about a specific set of interactions through the use of dashboards and widgets.

You can customize each dashboard to display interaction details relevant to a particular interaction set. The Dashboard can have one or more widgets and each widget can contain information about a different set of interactions.

By providing a summary view of the information, the Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily understand the nature of all interactions within a specific interaction list. That is, Dashboard provides you with the tools that enable you obtain an overall and complete impression of the business issue you are investigating. For example, you can create a dashboard with a Report widget (to give you a snapshot of metrics and key performance indicators).

A dashboard can contain the following widget:

Report - Displays any existing report.

A dashboard can include one or more of the following views:

Preset View - A view created by a manager or system administrator and published to your account. A Preset view is only available in an Analytics Only environment.

Personal View - A view created in your Dashboard that only you can view. By default, every view is a Personal View.

You can only create a Personal view if you have the permissions to do so.
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