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Manage the Blacklist

The Blacklist list is a collection of terms/phrases permanently ignored by the system when analyzing Trending data. The list affects all users, views and languages.

Manage the Blacklist

  1. Click the Blacklist button SMTrendingBlacklist.png. The following window opens.
  2. Click Add Term to add a term/phrase to the list.
  3. In the text field that appears type the term/phrase you want to add to the list and click Add.png.
  4. To remove a term/phrase from the blacklist, click Delete.png next to the term/phrase you want to remove from the list.
  5. Click Confirm to save your changes.'
You can add a term/phrase to the blacklist from the Trending Filter Tooltip and you can configure the Trending page to ignore the blacklist using the Ignore Blacklist option, allowing the terms/phrases in the Blacklist to be included in the Trending chart. When this option is turned on, the phrases appear in the Trending view with a dark border.
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